Come indossare lo Zaino da Trekking

How to wear the Trekking Backpack

Here's how to put on the hiking backpack in 5 simple steps.

How to wear the trekking backpack correctly?

After packing everything well ( here the guide on how to prepare the backpack ) here is step by step how to put your backpack on your shoulder and adjust it to perfection:

1. Load the backpack with all training straps e first adjust the waist belt pulling the two tabs so that the catch is perfectly in the center of the pelvis and that the belt rests slightly above the hips.

2. Pull the shoulder straps making sure that they adhere correctly to the shoulders , following the curvature, and that their attachment is more or less at the height of the 7th cervical vertebra. Do not fully pull the shoulder straps but leave a few centimeters of play for a subsequent fine adjustment.

3. Then fasten the chest strap to fix the shoulder straps in the correct and ideal ergonomic position, without too many compression points.

4. Adjust the belt noodles a little more in life.

5. Pull the load adjustment buckles so that it is positioned at the level of the collarbone, just ahead of the highest point of the shoulder joint.


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