Mattia Ciardi , born and raised in Florence, had just finished his furniture and design studies and was ready for a real professional challenge. Always curious and passionate about sports.

Massimo Citti , from Abetone DOC and ISEF graduate, worked as manager for one of the largest sports shops in the city. Its course was perfectly paved.

Our acquaintance took place right in this sports shop. We immediately entered into synergy: we have worked side by side, in the outdoor sports sector, for more than 10 years, making ourselves known by a large audience of satisfied customers.

You see, at some point we both dreamed of something more, that something that could satisfy our passion, that reflects who we are.

The culture of dressing well and practicing every discipline with the right equipment and preparation has always had a great influence on us.

Then one day the question arose: why don't we open our own reality? It made sense.

We were reaching a milestone, looking for the novelty. The challenge was insane but we wanted to beat the odds!

We were traveling on exactly the same wave, with one criterion: to create a reality that reflected our identity, our lifestyle and our beliefs.

Only a few months later we were opening our first office where in the past a Florentine silverware workshop had been built! Well, it had to start somewhere! We rolled up our sleeves and now that old workshop has become our shop! In our city, before us, there was no shop specialized in the three sectors of skiing, running and trekking and this is how our adventure began ...

But what about our brand?

Meanwhile, we wanted a name or a saying that had a meaning even beyond borders, so we chose to develop it in English. It had to be short, but challenging. When we thought of Neverland, the reference was fulminating, it was the right name for us: Neverland .

Yes, but the pictogram?

We thought about nature and the mountains, about the peaks that are impossible to climb but which, despite everything, we would have climbed ...

Ah, I'll tell you a secret: if you notice the logo is made up of two "M", our initials 😉.

And in short, this is how Neverland was born: from the idea of ​​two willing and stubborn guys, with a great desire to do, putting our experience in favor of our customers, helping them to choose the right equipment to make their outdoor activities a 'unforgettable experience.

In December 2020 we open our first online store on which right now you are reading our story.

So, whether we are talking about Running, Trekking or Skiing, we are and will always be here to try to give you the best advice, always with joy and team spirit!

We are waiting for you at Neverland !

Massimo and Mattia

about us - Neverland Firenze

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